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 Yoga Teacher Training | Certified Yoga Alliance
online & in-person in Vancouver & 2 night retreat on Galiano, Island


"Shelley offers so much more than just prana or asana. You can see how much thought she puts into answering each question presented by her students. She can teach at such a high level ranging from mythology, to how to live day to day. Fully present in her body, serving others, she is a strong, powerful, and wise woman. It has been a complete honor to learn from her, passing on the valuable knowledge."
Testimonial ~ Yoga Teacher Trainee

Galiano Retreat.jpg
Complete in 5 months - April 22 to August 11
All yoga 2-hr online practices are Live & Recorded to provide you with 9 weekday-mornings to go deep into the discipline and knowledge of your own practices; asana, pranayama, meditation. In addition to the  9 morning sessions per month, 1:1 mentorship & public online classes; we will gather in-person one weekend a month to unpack the technical and esoteric aspects of yoga in order to elevate the craft of teaching yoga asana in your authentic way.  This training refines the 'whys' and 'hows' behind the craft of  teaching the art and sciences of yoga skillfully with balance, fortitude and self-care.  Advanced study in the yogic texts, storytelling, mythology and a kaleidoscope of philosophies are woven throughout to provide the context of non-duality and practical applications of holding the paradox.
300 orduko Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training
sarean zoomarekin 

2021eko irailaren 24tik abenduaren 19ra
Irailak 24-26
Urriaren 1-3 eta 22-24 eta 29-31
Azaroak 5-7 eta 19-21 eta 26-28
Abenduak 3-5 eta 10-12 eta 17-19

7-9:00etan Asana praktika
Meditazioa eta Pranayama
~Apurtu ~
10:00-13:00 Irakasleen Prestakuntza
1-2 ordu/s Tutoretza pribatua Shelleyrekin (astero elkartu - 10 aste)
Astelehen/Asteazkenetan 7:00 eta 12:00
(1 orduko asana eskolak)
Saio guztiak grabatzen dira entrenamendu saioren bat galduz gero.

Inbertsioa 3000 CA | 2200 euro

Galiano Island Yoga Retreat May 3-4-5

Galiano Island is one of the sacred jewels of the Salish Sea.  Less than one hour by ferry from Tsawwassen, Galiano has been home to the Indigenous peoples of Canada’s West Coast for millennia.


Our yoga retreat venue is on the private property of Vilupti and Timothy Corlis.  It is their home and spiritual sanctuary.  The seven-acre property is ocean -front with a steep staircase down to the rock shore where guests are invited to cold plunge in the pristine Pacific Ocean waters.  With a mix of forest, meadow, garden and ocean side, the Corlis’ property offers numerous areas for silent contemplation, rest, as well as a large central indoor and outdoor yoga space overlooking the ocean.  The indoor yoga space where we will study, practice our asanas and meditate, is unique with its vaulted ceiling and meditative consciousness.


Accommodations will be a mixture of staying in an A-frame cabin (which sleeps 5) and beautiful stargazer glamping tents set-up around the pond in the garden.

Total cost of Galiano Retreat $500 

Includes Shared Accommodation + Yoga Training + Ayurveda Talk + 2 Sound Healing Journey

Food & Travel are not included. Access to full service kitchen.


*If you are a keen student or yoga teacher wishing to attend this weekend retreat and not the entire yoga teacher training you may register to deepen your knowledge and practices of yoga.

Price for Galiano retreat if your not in the entire training is $600 CA.

Register for Retreat NOW

Our Hosts on Galiano Island

Our Hosts on Galiano, Island

Vilupti Corlis

Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, with more than 30 years working in international development for the United Nations. 

Ayurveda literally means the “science of life” and is the traditional Hindu system of medicine.  Through the teachings of Ayurveda, we use diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing to balance the systems of the body and find optimal mental, physical and spiritual health.  Ayurveda seeks to foster our health so that we can live a long life through which we can pursue our spiritual purpose of oneness with the divine.  Yogic asanas, pranayama, meditation, sound and colour, are all part of the healing teachings of Ayurveda.  In our one-hour session we will discuss the importance of digestion through all the senses, and understand how our digestive fire and alignment can be better balanced for a healthier life.

Dr. Timothy Corlis

Juno-nominated classical composer and professor of music. We are owners of Gandharva Loka World Music Instruments in Vancouver, the longest established sound healing destination store in Canada. 

Sound is a critical part of our body’s digestion, Our bodies are predominantly water, and sound resonates through our bodies creating positive, or negative physical results.  Deeply resonant sounds have been used from the ancient times to now, to calm our minds, bodies and vitals, and stir our hearts and souls to come to the fore.  Gongs, singing bowls, church bells, and the rhythmic patterns of mantras and choral singing are all powerful tools which can be used in physical yoga to bring presence and silence the sense, and to accelerate our inner and outer healing and growth.  In our two, one-hour sessions we will experience the power of a sound journey and then get to explore the instruments and the impact different instruments, patterns and notes have on our senses and well-being.

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